Time to change the batteries

The result of wrestling with a smoke detector at 3am

(Or in my case actually reinstall it).  Yes, I’m busting myself…  I pulled this out of the ceiling about 10 months ago when that devious little beep programmed to alert me that the battery is low started screaming at me at 3am. 

Of course I just happened to be right in the middle of the most magnificent slumber… You know, the kind where you’re smack dab in the middle of one of those blissfully sublime dreams:  Laying on the beach in Bora Bora (having just won the lottery, naturally), while sipping some refreshing coconut-smelling concoction with obligatory umbrella, all while my beautiful wife is telling me how smart and amazing I am and that she would find me sexier if I would only watch more football! Wait a minute… where was I?  Oh right… Risk Management tips!

So for all of my “smoke-detector-neglector” brethren, do yourself a huge (and easy) favor. Change the batteries this weekend.  Protect your blissful slumber and more importantly your family!

Note to aforementioned beautiful wife–(that part of the dream is actually true!  Yea me!):  Honey, we can add the NFL network to our cable package if you insist 🙂 )

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